For years, Ronne and Courtney have started their mornings with Jesus and coffee. The time begins with prayer – a simple “Please help me calm down and focus on what I’m preparing to study” that is essential for creative girls prone to anxiety and an affection for shiny objects. They’ll read scripture – and reread it again and again – longing to hear what the Lord might say within the ancient text.
Ronne is a word girl. So she finds comfort scribbling in a journal. Notes are taken about the words read, notes that then become prayers again. And over time, the notes have become more – they’ve been transformed into reminders, encouragements, love letters written as friend-to-friend.

As a writer and a lover of Jesus Christ, I find myself in awe every time I read scripture. God is a fascinating creator of story. He’s truly brilliant, when you think about it. The Bible is full of plot twists, romance, mystery – things that make you cheer and things that make you rage. Even mundane passages are purposeful and rich in meaning. His words inspire me to tell stories that change stories.

Courtney’s love letters are images on an iPad. As an artist, she gathers and pours the wisdom of the ages and wraps it in color and texture. The images that emerge tell stories, inspire response, and make words complete.

I don’t remember a time in my life when there wasn’t a paintbrush or pen in my hand. God’s palette is so vibrant and wonderful, and there is nothing like worshipping Him through designs that bring to life His power, His honor, His creativity, and His relentless love for each of us.